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Step 1 - Launch a new website

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Hi welcome to the new LONE VOICE website where you can listen to some of the music I've been working on.

For the last few years I've worked under the Shadowhill band name but its time for something new. Its still me but LONE VOICE I think will be more personal.

A lot has happened and is still happening, scary stuff, important stuff, the familiar is becoming unfamiliar, the voices are louder, unkinder, more divisive and less tolerant. No attempt is made to veil the lies, no attempt is made to hide the descent into selfish gain, facts, expertise and knowledge are worthless and kindness is weakness.

I feel less and less "here" and more driven to run to the hills, to escape, to be weak, however art needs to reflect, its needs to be a mirror, it cannot ignore whats happening, it has to say something and to be another voice - even if it is in my case, a somewhat lone voice.

It would be great if you felt moved to contact or join me on this journey..

#newwebsite #newbeginnings #lonevoice

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