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The Red Hand Files - forgiveness

I could listen to Nick Cave's music forever I think, but its his Red Hand Files that frankly at times speak louder and more powerfully than any preacher, teacher or leader. This is his latest response to a simple but ancient question.....

How do you forgive somebody whom you love very much but has done something truly terrible?

Forgiveness is a form of self-rescue that goes, at times, against our very nature. Forgiveness can prevent us from becoming the living definition of the injury that has been inflicted upon us – from being consumed by anger, pain, resentment and bitterness. But how difficult it is to sometimes forgive; how unfair it seems to reward offence with compassion. Yet, despite our intuitions, despite the seeming insanity of the enterprise, we must try, because forgiveness can be the way to self-preservation. Forgiveness is an act of self-love where the malignancy you have endured can become the motivating force that helps enlarge the capacity of the heart.

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